Inland Empire Women in Manufacturing Luncheon Event

WOMEN continue to be underrepresented in manufacturing – AT ALL LEVELS!

We have 600K+ good paying manufacturing jobs unfilled in the USA, and that number continues to climb!

Lets get women into those skilled labor positions. It’s not that women cannot do it, it’s the public perception of women pursuing a manufacturing career that needs to be modified.

If you are an Inland Empire Woman involved in the manufacturing industry or you are interested in a career path into a good paying local manufacturing position, COME TO OUR LUNCHEON EVENT!

DATE: Friday, May 10th, 2019 RSVP Required!
TIME: 10am until 2pm
LOCATION: San Bernardino International Airport; 1601 E. 3rd Street, San Bernardino


  • Support Inland Empire Manufacturing! An essential part of the Inland Empire economy relies on the continued success of manufacturing, which is dependent on innovation driven by a diverse talented workforce THAT INCLUDES WOMEN!
  • Network with Inland Empire Woman Manufacturing: Owners, Managers, Supervisors, Women “Makers”, Community Leaders, and City, State, and Federal Manufacturing Support Representatives.
  • Discuss local Programs, Offerings, Support Centers, and Grants that can boost Manufacturing Growth!
  • Learn about open manufacturing positions and paid apprenticeship opportunities available in this region including incumbent training opportunities!
  • Listen to powerful women CEO key-note speakers discuss their journey in the manufacturing world.
  • Participate in Panel-Talk™ – through unity, we created a powerful industry led panel to discuss roles and progression of women involved in the manufacturing industry. We will speak about shattering stereotypes, empowerment, inspiration, and the plethora of support for women makers in our region!