Innovation in Human capital & Talent

During the annual Manufacturer’s Summit, a special award ceremony is held to celebrate the most innovative businesses and leaders in the Inland Empire. These leaders have great ideas for growing the business, dramatically improving performance and addressing some of the toughest challenges in today’s manufacturing industry.

E=mc² Innovation Awards will be presented to local manufacturers who submit the best innovations that result in tangible business improvement. Review our guidelines and apply here.

Congratulations to our recent award winner!

2016 Innovation in Human capital & Talent Winner

Address: 4111 Buchanan Ave

Newport Cottages is a minority-owned family run business that specializes in creating fine crafted baby and children’s furniture.  The company’s products are high-end; each piece is individually made using “old world word working techniques,” and then personalized with customer hand rubbed finishes.  The company has 25 employees and is located in Riverside, CA.

Newport Cottages was experiencing an increased interest in their products, but was having difficulty meeting current demand.  Workflow issues were cited across all departments due to unorganized processes and a lack of a strong infrastructure.  The company would not be able to increase sales from new orders unless they could manage the current demand and retain their key customers.

Newport Cottages partnered with the Riverside County Workforce Investment Board to promote and facilitate a Lean Manufacturing Transformation Rollout Program.  That program completed earlier this year (2016) with great success!

Multiple kaizen events took place.  Several large pieces of equipment were reorganized, two large 38’ dumpsters were filled and removed from the shop – freeing up floor space and provided a sensible flow for production.  Value Stream Mapping techniques were used to create a new blueprint for the company’s transformation and it prioritized activities required to improve their workflow and workforce involvement. This blueprint for the company’s transformation has attributed to the following:

  • 6 new jobs in Riverside County were added / Job creation / Workforce Development
  • Retention of 12 at-risk jobs in Riverside County / Job retention / Workforce Development
  • $400K in new sales
  • $1M in retained sales
  • $250K in cost savings
  • $115K in capital investments

Thank you for considering Newport Cottages for Workforce Development Category.  We could not have done this without the Riverside Workforce Development Board’s assistance.

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