Manufacturers’ Council of the Inland Empire (MCIE)
The Voice of Regional Manufacturers


  • Information to help members stay up on new legislation, smart technology, workforce training models and issues impacting the industry.
  • Networking opportunities within the industry and its supporters.
  • Solutions for success in the business of manufacturing.
  • Support for funding regional training program for future or incumbent workers.
  • Increased awareness of the importance of manufacturing to our economy and as careers to be proud of.

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Individual or small manufacturer
Individual or small manufacturer with under 100 employees
Membership stays within the company and is transferrable to another company employee should the individual member retire or move to another company.
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Small-and-Medium Companies
Manufacturers and non-manufacturing companies with 500 or fewer employees
Count is based on the national count of employees. Membership is held in an individual’s name and allows up to two additional employees to attend and participate. Membership stays within the company and is transferrable to another company employee should the individual member retire or move to another company.
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Large Organizations - Educators, Manufacturers, Agencies, Businesses
Corporate Membership for organizations with 500 or more employees
Count is based on the national count of employees. Membership is held by a single member representing a company who wishes to invite up to four fellow employees to MCIE programs. Your company logo will be displayed on our website Home Page (hyperlinked to your company website). Membership is not transferrable to other companies but is transferrable to another company employee should the individual member retire or move to another company.
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Full-Time Student
Full time student, with current educational institution matriculation number and ID, enrolled in a manufacturing related field or who has completed training within the past six months.
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Value of Membership

The Manufacturers’ Council (MCIE) is a strong unified voice for manufacturers and works to stimulate a robust economic and workforce climate for over 5,000 manufacturers in the Inland Empire.

Since 2005, the MCIE has worked with local educational institutions, and state and federal agencies to attract more than $50 million to support growth and innovation in manufacturing.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), there are 94,884 manufacturing jobs in the Inland Empire. S & P Global forecasts that manufacturing employment in the Inland Empire will grow by about 4 percent between 2022 and 2025.

With the reshoring of manufacturing, it is more important than ever that we work to improve the image of manufacturing as a productive, healthy, interesting and successful lifetime career. We have doubled our collaboration efforts with high schools, community colleges and universities to attract qualified students into good, in-demand careers in manufacturing. MCIE manufacturers helped to develop three competency-based registered apprenticeship programs and a pre-apprenticeship program, the first in California.

The MCIE provides networking opportunities among competitors, best practices tools, and access to local, state, and national governmental agencies, educational services, non-profits, training opportunities, and funding resources. The Manufacturers’ Council helps their members stay informed regarding legislation, smart technology, workforce training models and a myriad of issues impacting the industry.

As a 501 c3 non-profit, your membership in the Manufacturers’ Council provides important support to this effort. Membership is open to all manufacturers in the Southern California region, and to a limited number of supporters of manufacturing who may work in other industries, institutions, or agencies.*


  • Monthly/Quarterly educational meetings, presented by experts, that cover topics of interest to manufacturers including:
    • Workforce development, training opportunities for employees, internships, learn and earn models, and apprenticeships programs
    • Regulatory and environmental issues
    • Cyber-security cautions and requirements
    • Marketing trends
    • Guidance on employee hiring and retention
    • Lean manufacturing
    • Introduction of new equipment, processes, forecasted and new smart technologies and developments
    • Information on funding opportunities and tax credits
    • Increased visibility leads to business opportunities and partnerships

Members appreciate these short, and to-the-point information meetings because of the operational savings they reap from not attending classes that require time, travel and accommodations expenses.

Manufacturing Plant and Port Tours

These are coordinated by the MCIE providing insider perspective into regional manufacturing plants and ports.

Networking Events

Networking events with other manufacturers and supporters of manufacturing designed to share information and resources.

Member Only Events

Access to exclusive member-only events.


Member discounts to:

  • Live educational or networking events.
  • Annual events designed to:
    • Promote and strengthen manufacturing in the region.
    • Encourage manufacturing as a desirable occupation for students.


The MCIE is a liaison to apprenticeship programs, state and national manufacturing support (CMTC, NAM, IDEA, ETP), and community colleges and other training providers that offer upskilling for manufacturing to incumbent workers and new entrants into the workforce.

Direct Referrals to Training and Assessments

We refer manufacturers to providers of services for industry needs. Process/Procedure Assessments, offered by multiple partners, help identify and address production concerns, review lean practices, and identify other issues that might be addressed to provide higher quality/quantity outputs, better communication, and development of team leaders/shift supervisors.

Online Discussion Forums

Share production questions, find materials, post classes and training, post job openings, announce new graduates, post your resumes. Subscribe to your preferred level of notification and your preferred topics.

Membership Directory

Opt-in to share your contact information and find contacts.

MCIE Job-postings platform

(currently $20/month/posting)

Informational Videos

Access to full-length informational videos or training sessions.

Representation at California Manufacturing and Technology Association

(CMTA), the association that protects the ability for manufacturers to compete in California. Receive periodic updates on regulations and issues impacting manufacturers in California. (The role of MCIE is to educate members and the public at large.)