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Manufacturing employee works on CNC machineAs a part of our ongoing efforts to support regional manufacturers, MCIE partners with local community colleges and other educational and training organizations that are dedicated to developing a pool of skilled, high-quality job candidates for industry. Our partners also provide training and educational programs that upskill those already employed in manufacturing.


Overview: By collaborating with local and regional employers to develop a high-performance workforce, Norco College’s mission is to contribute to building strong regional economies and improving the state’s global competitiveness.

Training and Educational Programs:

Norco College’s School of Applied Technologies & Apprenticeships offers degree programs and certifications that are designed to provide students and manufacturing employees with technical skills, analytical abilities, critical thinking, and problem-solving capabilities that enable them to be engaged, productive employees. The School strives to provide an equitable learning environment and offer a curriculum from which students develop the essential skills necessary for academic and professional success.

Classes include:

  • 3D Mechanical Drafting​
  • Architectural Graphics
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operator​​
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Programming​​
  • Construction Technology
  • Conventional Machine Operator
  • Digital Electronics
  • Drafting Technology
  • Electrician​
  • Green Technician​
  • Manufacturing Technology – Industrial Automation
  • Supply Chain Automation


Apprenticeship Program in Manufacturing Technology:

Work being done on CNC machine

Norco College offers an earn & learn apprenticeship training model where employers structure a career pathway by combining an educational track alongside paid on-the-job training. Throughout this journey, apprentices will earn valuable industry-specific skills and earn wages based on experience.

Apprenticeship programs include:

  • Conventional Machine Operator
  • CNC Operator
  • CNC Programmer
  • Industrial Automation

For more information about the industrial education and training programs provided by Norco College, please contact:

Sandra Sisco

Director, Partnerships & Development

[email protected]




Employee programs CNC machineThe LAUNCH Apprenticeship Network partners with the region’s community colleges, K-12 districts, and Workforce Development Boards to assist in providing employees with training and education that enhances their skills, productivity and engagement in the workplace.

The LAUNCH team can work directly with your company to enroll employees and help them with scheduling courses. In addition, you can plug into LAUNCH recruitment events to find your next apprentice.

LAUNCH apprenticeship programs are administered by the local community colleges, which ensures the apprentices are:

  • Receiving appropriate instruction.
  • Being prepared for employment (if not already employed).
  • Being matched into jobs.
  • Completing their competencies on the job through evaluations.

Why Hiring Entry-Level Apprentices Makes Good Business Sense

 Hiring entry-level apprentices amplifies the benefits that entry-level employees bring to an organization. Those benefits include:

  • New ideas and a fresh perspective.
  • Lower long-term recruitment, onboarding and training costs.
  • The opportunity to develop entry-level employees so that they can grow into more senior positions.

For more information on how Launch Apprenticeship Network can help you manage and administer an apprenticeship program for your company, please contact:

 Sandra Sisco

Director, Partnerships & Development

[email protected]


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