History of MCIE

The Manufacturers’ Council was formed in 2001 when Ron Maiorano, of California Steel Industries (CSI a NUCOR-JFE company) needed a better solution to find skilled craft people. Ron approached Kathy Dutton, of Chaffey College to develop a customized curriculum that would fill their needs. As they met to customize a program for electricians and electronic repair specialists, they assembled five additional manufacturers to build a consortium to develop training that would address the employers’ needs.

The consortium worked with Chaffey College, San Bernardino Community College District and the San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board, to secure funding for training equipment and instruction costs.

In 2005, the Manufacturer’s Council of the Inland Empire (MCIE) was reformed to include 15 manufacturers, many from the original council, who came together to discuss the common need to develop employees for high paying advanced manufacturing positions. Chaffey College spearheaded this effort when it identified manufacturing as a growing industry for employment opportunities in the Inland Empire. Click to watch the Early Days interview.

Since then, the MCIE has worked with local educational institutions, and state and federal agencies to attract more than $50 million to support growth and innovation in manufacturing.

In 2014, the MCIE provided essential support, as the voice of regional manufacturing, to enable Chaffey College to receive a Department of Labor TAACCCT grant. With those funds, the InTech Training Center was developed on CSI’s campus. Click to watch the InTech Center History interview.

MCIE manufacturers helped to develop three competency-based registered apprenticeship programs and a pre-apprenticeship program, the first in California. The Manufacturers’ Council has worked with educators advising them on the advantages of manufacturing pathways and the numerous lucrative careers opportunities for their students.

Starting in 2013, the MCIE produced six all-day manufacturing Summits, with about 500 attendees, to inform manufacturers and the community about a myriad of issues including trade, regulations, marketing, human resources, and lean manufacturing.

In 2015, the MCIE became a 501 c3 non-profit and developed a more formal business structure. The Board of Directors is comprised of manufacturers, however general membership is open to all.

Growing from 6 original companies, the Council works with hundreds of manufacturers and supporters of manufacturing and has enabled the Council to become a sub-recipient of a Federal Grant under California Manufacturing and Technology Consultants (CMTC).

In August of 2023, the Manufacturers’ Council of the Inland Empire signed a memorandum of understanding and merged with the High Desert Manufacturing Council, increasing its base of manufacturers and the range of products they produce. Click to watch the High Desert History.

In June of 2024, the MCIE will hold its first fund-raiser: The Manufacturing Careers Charity Golf Event.

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